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Amador Wine Picks (Pix)!!

So AH and I conquered Amador this weekend for their Behind the Cellar Door event. It was a toasty 70ish degree day, and we hit four five different wineries. I took pictures of my favorite wines and I am sharing the labels and info with you, so that you know what to buy (me)…. 😉
First Stop: Shenandoah Vineyards
I am not a dessert wine person, but I really liked this one.
Mapping out where we would venture next….
2010 Viognier. Yes, please.
So, I thought, “Oh wow… this Sangiovese is really good and I don’t typically like Sangiovese…”
I think part of the reason is it has had some time to lay down.
Then I had the Deaver Red Blend. Even better than the Sangiovese.
Sorry I can’t find a link to this on their website, so I don’t know the exact breakdown. 😦
And this was my favorite Zinfandel at Deaver. It’s their Signature Zinfandel.
Us, listening intently and having too much fun. 🙂

Next stop: Dobra Zemlja Winery (Doe-brah Zem-Ya)

Our favorite was their jug wine, believe it or not!
I also really dug their Barbera.

Next was Driven Cellars

I really love their Pinot Grigio
And their Barbera
And this is the view from Driven’s picnic tables…
Last was Sobon Estate. And my favorite Zinfandel there is their Cougar Hill. And I kind of went crazy over their Barbera and their Rousanne. We bought two bottles of each.
Thank you Paul for bailing us out when the car didn’t want to run. 🙂 You guys are good friends and I am so grateful. I am glad we bought a bunch of wine from you that day.
I am drinking the Barbera now. So very good!!
Social Media Roll Call:
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Upcoming events at Amador Wineries are located here. Cheers!!