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Taste of History Dinner at Sutter’s Fort = History Tastes Delicious!

On September 25th, the Annual Taste of History Dinner at Sutter’s Fort was held. I attended with a fellow food blogger and we enjoyed an evening of music, conversation, and eating a multi-course dinner outdoors at a beautiful table settings inside the fort walls.

The evening began with a reception with appetizers by Whole Foods and Selland’s Market. Whole Foods made pear “hand-pies”, cider with sparkling water, and also sampled pistachios and yellow watermelon. Selland’s offered little cups of corn soup, cheese and honey served on cedar planks, and tiny pot pies with vegetable filling. Around the corner, Ten22 was serving fresh fried corn tortilla chips and mole sauce.

Well OK, I don’t think there was a Selland’s catering van back in the day… šŸ˜‰
Vegetable pot pies from Selland’s.
Cheese and honey from Selland’s.
Corn soup from Selland’s.
I was THRILLED to get my hands on a slice of watermelon since my diet is gluten-free, corn-free.Ā I was also snacking on pistachios from the Whole Foods booth.

While we were waiting to be seated, we ventured off around Sutter’s Fort and looked into some of the exhibit rooms. There are recorded guides to inform you of your surroundings and the purpose of each room.

This was the beautiful set-up for dinner, just before dusk.
Each patron got a beautiful mini-lantern, and a goodie bag from Whole Foods,
filled with discounts and information on local vendors.
Most of the chefs used old fashioned preparations to make their food. Right over the fire.
This was another appetizer available. It was from Ten22, and was an absolutely
delicious mole sauce. They had fresh fried tortilla chips to dip in the sauce.
There was also live music in the style of the era being played before dinner as we walked around to look at Sutter’s Fort and to sample the foods and wines available.

This was the first course, a Chicken Mole Salad prepared by Chef Jay Veregge of Ten 22 in Old Sacramento. It was paired with a River City Brewing Vienna Lager.

The second course was a Grilled King Salmon with Tomato Salsa and Creamy Polenta,Ā prepared by Patrick Mulvaney of Mulvaney’s B & L. It was paired with a wine from Railbridge Cellars.

The third course, was quite possibly my favorite and sadly I don’t have a better picture of it. It was a slow cooked Beef Brisket with shell beans, corn, and Del Rio Farms herb salsa prepared by Scott Rose. For those of you in Paleo land, I didn’t eat the corn, but did have a few delicious beans. šŸ˜‰ This course was paired with a wine from Bogle.

You can find Sutter’s Fort on Facebook here. The have a fun event coming up this week called The Haunted Fort. It will be on October 28th and 29th.Ā Sutterā€™s Fort, once a portal for weary pioneers, again serves as the gateway to their restless spirits, who return to tell the tales of their lives and melancholy deaths at this special family friendly event. Tours leave every 10 minutes, tickets availableĀ here.Ā For more information please call phone 916 445-4422.

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