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It’s Organic Produce Delivery Service and Homemade Paleo Dinner!

Every other Tuesday, I receive a box like this from a company called It’s Organic Delivery! They are one of a few produce delivery services available in the greater Sacramento area.

Here is a peek of what comes inside an all-vegetable box. It serves a family of 2-4 and costs $34.99 per delivery or $31.99 with promo code.

A mixed fruits and vegetables box serves a family of 2-4, is $34.99 per delivery or $29.99 with a promo code, and contains between 10-12 varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables.

A fruits only box serves a family of 2-4 costs $34.99 per delivery or $31.99 with promo code and is packed full of organic fresh fruits.

As a reader of, I’d like to offer you the promo code to enter when you sign up! It is “organic5off”

If you are still considering a produce delivery service, but aren’t sure what to do with a lot of things that come in the box, please stay tuned to my website because I’ll be throwing out lots of ideas for you!

To sign up to receive your produce from It’s Organic, please follow the link here.

There are many reasons I have gone organic for nearly all of my fruits and vegetables. Yes, it is a little more expensive, but I believe that buying organic will eventually pay off in the long run. I hope I don’t have to tell all of you how toxic pesticides are. If you are trying to be healthy and getting in all your servings of fruits and vegetables, what is the point if they have loads of poison on them from pesticides? It is so very important to avoid putting chemicals into your body. The best thing I heard today that really puts things in perspective is… “if they have to wear gas masks to grow your food, what are you supposed to eat it with?”

Beyond that, buying organic is important because it creates a demand for organic. Why is this important? Have you considered the farm workers who harvest your fruits and vegetables and their daily exposure to toxins in the pesticides? What about the fact that when you buy local and organic, you help to stimulate your LOCAL economy? 🙂

And, yes, you DO have to actually wash, cut and MAKE SOMETHING out of what is in the box, but the best part is that they deliver it straight to your door! It’s kind of like Christmas Day for me when my produce box arrives. It’s fun to play a little game of Iron Chef and make meals out of whatever comes to me for the week.

So, this is what I did with the bunch of Rainbow Chard I received. I chopped up the stems…cook those first, because they take a little longer to cook than the leaves do.
Here’s a nice picture of the leaves after I removed the stems. What I did to about 3 or 4 leaves is blanch them in boiling water for about a minute to make the leaves pliable.
And then I wrapped them around some BEAUTIFUL halibut filets purchased from another Paleo friend of mine from Taylor’s Market (HOLLA) (which I rubbed down with smoked salt, curry, cumin, lemon, pepper, cinnamon), and baked them in a 350 degree oven for 20ish minutes.
Meanwhile, I sauteed onions, the chard stems, the rest of the chard leaves, garlic, and bacon in this skillet. I also added some chopped, toasted almonds.
Remember the acorn squash in the beginning of this post? Here’s what it looks like after I baked it, and pureéd it in the blender with carmelized onions, garlic, sea salt, chicken stock, coconut milk, and spices including curry, cumin, cinnamon…
And here’s what the meal looks like completed. I can’t tell you how good it feels to eat this way, so healthy, guiltless, and delicious. I really don’t know how you could eat anything processed or from a box ever again. EVER. Sure it might be convenient, but it’s pretty much LESS convenient to get cancer from stuff you thought was supposed to be food. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me? 😉 I’m telling you this because I care about your health and I want you to look and feel your very best… not because I am trying to be an elitist jerk. You might think you “don’t have the money to buy organic” but I am telling you this: I NEVER get sick. I never have headaches. I don’t have joint pain or allergies. Isn’t that worth giving up a few things to avoid feeling like crap all the time?
This way of eating might be extreme for some, but I think it’s extremely delicious. When you get enough fat and protein in your meals, you don’t need (and after a while won’t crave) any bread or potatoes.
I will step down from my soapbox long enough 😉 to let you know you can follow It’s Organic on twitter here and like them on Facebook here.

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    May 29, 2013 at 12:33 am

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