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More Turkey, Love

Are you still looking for ways to de-turkey? Look no further!! Here’s another completely different and interesting dish.

Yesterday, after a great 8 mile run in the morning, and a barrel tasting at Revolution Wines in late afternoon, I made dinner and yet another Paleo dish with turkey.

This time, the BF and I were kind of celebrating, so we opened my sample of Elyssia Pinot Noir Brut by Freixenet. This sparkling wine has notes of blackberry and blends Trepat with the Pinot Noir to create a unique rosé.

The grape percentages are 85% Pinot Noir and 15% Trepat. It scored 87 points and an “acclaim” rating in Wine Enthusiast Magazine. It has a 11.5% alcohol content and is aged 9 months in the cave with second fermentation in the bottle.

The Elyssia Pinot Noir Brut retails for about $18 per bottle, so it’s a little more fancy than an everyday sparkler. But this was not just an everyday sort of day. 🙂
Want to find this wine? Use this Wine Locator to find Elyssia Pinot Noir Brut near you and use this link to find them on Facebook.
Turkey with Rosemary Butter Couscous and Roasted Root Vegetables
For the turkey dish, I took one cauliflower and pulsed it in my food processor until it resembled couscous. Then I sat it aside.
For Thanksgiving dinner, I had made a rosemary infused butter by warming 2 sprigs of rosemary in 1 stick of butter. I didn’t allow the mixture to boil, but warmed it enough so that the rosemary oils seeped into the butter. Then I strained the butter and let it resolidify in the refrigerator. I used the rosemary butter to saute a red onion and about 1 1/2 cups of mushrooms. After cooking the vegetables for about 5-10 minutes, I added some garlic and then added the cauliflower “couscous”. For color, I added some fresh parsley from my It’s Organic produce box, then about 2 cups of turkey, torn from the leg and breast areas.
The roasted root vegetables are leftovers from our Thanksgiving meal, and I will explain how to make them in my upcoming complete Thanksgiving meal breakdown, which should be a real treat for those of you who are gluten free or Paleo.

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