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Citroën Cake: Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Mostly Paleo

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Just thought I would show off what I have been working on for the past few evenings in between three jobs and the workout schedule. As you can see, Andy has a 1961 Citroën, and I did my best to recreate it for this birthday cake.

It turned out rather well considering fondant and food coloring are completely off limits with Paleo. On the other hand, I did use copious amounts of white chocolate (organic) and some butter in the blue frosting. Oh, and the blue coloring is made with red cabbage (weird, I know) and a bit of baking soda.

Check back on this post if you are interested, and I will post the recipes techniques I used on the fillings and components of this cake. Many things were tweaked from other websites and somethings just came to me as I was making it.

BTW, happy 10 month-aversary, Andy! 😀

I wanted to leave out the agave nectar (decided NOT paleo, and I wanted to make enough batter to fill the car pan, so I adapted the recipe for German Chocolate Cake (adapted from Elena’s Pantry) to suit my needs. Here’s what I did:

1 1/4 cup coconut flour, sifted
3/4 cup cocoa powder
1/3 cup xylitol
2 teaspoon celtic sea salt
1.5 teaspoons baking soda
15 eggs
1.5 cups coconut oil
1 ½ cups honey
1/4 coconut milk
1.5 tablespoons vanilla extract

In one bowl, combine the dry ingredients: coconut flour, cocoa powder, xylitol, salt and baking soda
In the mixer bowl, mix eggs, oil, honey, and vanilla.

Add dry the ingredients into the mixer bowl, rotating additions of the coconut milk and continue to blend until well combined, but not overly mixed. Oil the pans you’ll be using and dust with coconut, almond flour, or flax seed. Pour batter into pans and bake at 350° for 35-45 minutes.

Check back for the filling and frosting recipe as well as what I did to make the windows and tires. 🙂

2 responses

  1. Andy Harris

    Thanks so much, Kristy. The cake is amazing beyond comparison. What a treat to have you make me a cake that’s a replica of my car. There’s as much Paleo ingenuity in the cake as there is in the actual car.

    Happy 10 month-aversary to you, too! 🙂

    August 3, 2012 at 6:46 am

  2. You’re welcome! I hope you have the best birthday ever! 🙂

    August 3, 2012 at 10:45 am

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