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I Dream of Bikini…

So this is where I started. Sort of. Resting b*tchface notwithstanding. 🤷🏻
I am going to be “vulnerable” (I guess is the right word) over the next few posts if that is OK with all of you. I also hope the people that follow me for food and wine will indulge me a bit and enjoy
another type of content for a while.
These are the “before” pictures I took after I had already decided to do a bikini competition and I had been dieting, exercising, lifting, and coaching myself for three weeks. The pics were taken on March
25th–I had “officially” set off on my journey on March 14th, but had cut back on food and wine when we got back from Las Vegas on March 8th.
Why did I do it? Well, why not? I guess I wanted to do something challenging, something that not everyone does, and something that would put me in the best shape of my life at the oldest I have ever been. And to be honest, I actually love how regimented the whole thing is. I always say you grow the most when you are the MOST uncomfortable.
So I’m going to play this in reverse, from March until yesterday’s competition. I hope you enjoy my posts on this little ride I took out of my comfort zone and I hope it inspires you to get off the couch and live your life like there’s no tomorrow. My husband just said, “that sounds cliché” and it does. But, there’s so much out there to do and so little time. I’m NOT talking about just exercise. I’m talking about travel, or anything you think you “can’t” do for whatever reason. Here’s the thing, you WON’T if you don’t ever TRY.

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