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12 Days of Christmas Picks for the Food and Wine Lover: The Vinnibag

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Day six of my 12 Days of Christmas Picks for the Food and Wine Lover goes to the VinniBag.

The VinniBag is a reusable travel bag with inflatable air chambers and is designed to provide superior protection against impact and leakage.

The VinniBag can be used for wine, olive oil, liquor, fragile items etc., and can hold most 750ml bottles—even larger magnum bottles (Bordeaux style only).

The Vinnibag exceeds all airline requirements and has been independently tested for alititude and temperature changes.

The VinniBag is recyclable & 100% USA Made. You can actually send used VinniBags back and the company has them turned into garden hoses to help keep our planet green and will give you a discount on your next VinniBag purchase.

The VinniBag is made by Ellessco, a women-owned company originally founded by a mother and her daughter (who still get along!). Their passion for travel, design, and technology led them to develop innovative products for life on the go.

The Vinnibag is $28 and $25 if you buy 2 at a time. You can purchase them here.

Why do I love the VinniBag? It’s pretty simple. It gets our wine from point A to point B with no bottle breakage. Andy and I have used it repeatedly over 3 years and it’s never failed. It even transported a magnum of Scribner Bend’s Black Hat Tempranillo to Mexico in perfect condition. Thank you, VinniBag! 🙂

You can find VinniBag on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter here. Check back tomorrow for day seven of my 12 Days of Christmas Picks for the Food and Wine Lover! Cheers!

¡Soy cambiado para siempre! (I am Forever Changed)

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What do I write for the 500th post on this website? I want to tell Andy (who’s Andy?) how much I really do love him, and what a wonderful past year and 8 months it’s been since I met him at the 21st Annual Curtis Park Wine Tasting & Silent Auction.

As of today, we have been a couple for 1 year and 7 months. We have both had struggles during this time, but somehow it has all worked out. We have so much in common, that it’s hard to pay attention to our differences. I think I can say that he loves me more than anyone ever has. That means a lot to me because I really don’t have anyone out here. I still can’t believe I met him because I was in the right place in the right time. I just wanted him to be my best friend immediately. I never thought that he would like me romantically.

But (for some reason) he did, and immediately spoke of taking me to Mexico for Thanksgiving last year. I laughed about it, not taking him seriously… doubting our romance would last that far into the year…not because of him necessarily…but because of me and how complicated I can be… 😉

And then Thanksgiving 2012 came around and I had my passport (brand new, especially for this trip!) and off we went. For four days, we ate and drank and exercised and slept. And didn’t have to be anywhere for anyone at any time. And it was amazing. And somehow a lot of my high school Spanish came back to me. Especially the food stuff. I loved reading menus the most. My favorite restaurant in Ixtapa is called La Gloria del Infierno, The Glory of Hell. 😛 During our time in Ixtapa, we also dined at La Malinche…which happens to have a Facebook page!

We stayed at a hotel called Capella, located in Ixtapa (Facebook page here, twitter page here), far removed from the downtown area and restaurants. Almost isolated from everything. Um, P.S.: it’s built into the side of a cliff! 🙂 It was the most romantic place I have ever been. And for the first time, we were outside of all the stresses of daily life and we got to be ourselves. And that’s when I knew I didn’t even want to ever be without him. ¡La mejor semana de mi vida! The pictures above are from the trip, but they just don’t do the place justice. This is a place you have to see for yourself to believe. 🙂

Pomegranate-Walnut Guacamole Recipe: Thanks, Rick Bayless!


Last night was the River City Rebels Running Club’s Christmas Party at Andy’s house (if you go to their site, he’s the hot guy in the blue hat kneeling on the right). 🙂 Anyway…according to the invitation, I was to bring an appetizer. I wanted to make something vegetarian/vegan friendly because quite a lot of people in the club don’t do meat. And last year, I made a salad with meat in it and didn’t report there was bacon–like, a lot of it–in there. Oopsy. So, to try and please the masses, I swiped this super festive guacamole recipe from Rick Bayless. He sent it out over twitter a few days ago. It was very well received by my teammates, so I thought I would share it with all of you. ¡Muy delicioso!

His tweet was simply this: “pomegranate-walnut guac: mash 3 avoc,3/4 c ch tstd walnut,1 ch rstd poblano,2T parsley,2T lime,1/2 ch wht onion. Salt. Garn: pomgrnt seeds” Well played!

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 2.23.20 PM

I doubled the recipe, made it in 10 minutes. To save time, toast the walnuts in the oven as you are cutting/chopping. Then when you have everything all mashed up, they’ll be ready to go in (allow to cool first). Serve with plantain chips and fresh veggies!

This recipe also appears in Rick’s latest book. I’ll try to get my paws on a review copy and share some more stuff with you here…because since returning from Mexico, I can’t get enough Mexican food. Hanging on to happy memories and our time in Ixtapa!