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Enza Prosecco, a Delightful Addition to Our Sunday Brunch

The title of this post is a little misleading because besides prosecco, I’d like to talk about something I have seen on some of my Facebook friends’ pages. Each day so far in November, they have listed something/someone for which/whom they are thankful.
I’d like to do that in this post–I will play a little catch up since it’s already November 5th–and then follow that by letting you know about a great prosecco Andy and I tried yesterday.
November 1st:
I am thankful to live in Sacramento. It hasn’t always been easy, but every day I am reminded why I love it here. The food, the wine, the weather….all the talented & beautiful people I know.
November 2nd:
Speaking of beautiful people, I am thankful for meeting Andy. I don’t know how the stars aligned, but they did. I found someone who was already on the Paleo diet, more into fitness and running than I am, and just as interested in wine as I am. November 2nd was our anniversary, and the past year has gone by so fast! 🙂
November 3rd:
I am thankful to have a job and to still be able to make my house payment. So many people out there are still looking for work. I am not rich yet, but graphic design and art are part of who I am! 🙂
November 4th:
I am thankful for being able to get through an 8.5 mile race. (I am also thankful that my boyfriend knows how to cook–very well, actually– and loves to cook for me). He makes the best omelets I have ever had. He always puts my favorite ingredients in them. 🙂 We shared the Enza Prosecco and an enormous omelet after the Apple Hill Harvest Run.
November 5th:
I am only mildly sore from the 8.5 mile race today and felt rested enough to run again today! 🙂
To add to that:
I am thankful companies send me wine so that I can try/recommend them if I like to my readers.
Now I’d like to let you know about Enza, the latest Prosecco from Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits.
It will be available nationwide in the U.S. starting December 2012. Enza Prosecco is made from Prosecco DOC grapes from the heart of Italy’s Treviso regionTo me, Prosecco is one of Italy’s greatest gifts–not to mention balsamic vinegar, parmigiano reggiano, and prosciutto!!  The Enza is a crisp sparkling wine that is fruity enough to drink by itself, or makes a great addition to a bellini or mimosa. It will retail for $14.99.
Additional details from my press release:
“When we developed the brand, we wanted to create the image of sophistication and style, that is synonymous with Italy. We are delighted with the fun and fiery design that truly brings Enza to life,” stated Renato Reyes, Deutsch Family Chief Marketing Officer.

Enza is produced by the Soligo cooperative, established in 1957, in collaboration with the Pozzi family. The Soligo cooperative has been family owned for three generations and represents families of growers in the Prosecco DOC region who share a passion for Prosecco and their region.

The Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits portfolio also includes award-winning wines from Australia: [ yellow tail ], [ yellow tail ] The Reserve, [ yellow tail] Bubbles; California: Girard Winery, Windsor Sonoma, Sonoma Coast Vineyards, Kunde Family Estate, Joseph Carr, Josh Cellars, Flirt; The Calling; France: André Lurton, Georges Duboeuf, Hob Nob Vineyards, Patch Block, Sauvion et Fils, Vidal Fleury; Italy: Barone Fini, Lionello Marchesi, Villa Pozzi, Enza Prosecco.

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