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Fandango Restaurant in Pacific Grove: A Celebration of Global Cuisine

Well, I’m kind of in the mood to celebrate. The past few days have gone way better than my past few months. I started this morning by calling the bank and paying off my school loan. I start working again tomorrow after being laid off twice this year. So that means I get to proceed planning for Andy’s birthday. And, tomorrow is 21 months together! Yep, longevity like a McDonald’s cheeseburger left in a coat pocket! 😛

Anyway, if I could pick a place to celebrate right now, I’d go back to Fandango Restaurant in Pacific Grove. We dined there the last night of our Carmel weekend in June. The staff sat us right by the fireplace at a table for two. It was a little chilly that evening and the perfect little nook for our perfect little dinner.

The restaurant was named for the dance (scroll to about 30 seconds in), fast and often furious. The “dance” at Fandango began in 1983, when a man by the name of Walter Georis decided to turn an old house into a restaurant. Among the first customers were Pierre and Marietta Bain, who eventually became the owners in 1986. Pierre was no stranger to the hospitality industry when he took the helm–his family has operated Grand Hôtel Bain at Comp-sur-Artuby in the south of France since 1737, and he had been the manager of Club XIX at The Lodge at Pebble Beach for several years.


Shortly upon being seated, you are greeted with a bowl of olives, an ample cube of butter and a loaf of fresh bread. The olives have been a staple since the beginning and something the owners feel would be missed by loyal customers if they were to disappear. That’s Andy in the background, frantically flipping through the wine list (which is more like a Bible at Fandango, and I mean that in a good way). Jaw droppage took place when he spotted a 1929 Chateau Lafite Rothschild. OK, maybe another time. 😉

Since the Bains purchased Fandango, they have added an upstairs dining room with its own kitchen, and converted the outdoor patio into a new dining room. What did not change is the atmosphere, the charm of the restaurant and the classic European food. Dishes like steak frites, paella, osso bucco and duck a l’orange offer something pleasing for any palate.

And what pleases my palate? Sharing a split of Rombauer Chardonnay with my partner in crime. And pairing the wine with seared scallops. A must-have on the appetizer menu.

We followed up with another appetizer. A classic that happened to be on the specials menu that evening. A caprese salad. The tomatoes were beautiful and just coming into season. It was perfect. I just love fresh basil. It’s probably one of my favorite summer ingredients. It’s the ribbon that ties together the acidity of the tomatoes, the butteriness of the olive oil and the creaminess of the cheese. 🙂

For our main courses, Andy and I  😉 decided on this bottle of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon, because it complemented both entreés. (You know me, I could drink rosé with everything!)

Andy ordered the short ribs, a regular menu item, which are slowly braised in red wine and served with seasonal vegetables.


And I ordered the petite filet and shrimp duo (also a regular menu item). It was served with broccoli and scalloped potatoes. The shrimp were cooked in butter, garlic and wine (scampi). The steak was served with green peppercorn, cognac, wine sauce. I usually order a steak rare so that if it is over-cooked by a little it still comes out suitable for me at medium rare, and I don’t have to send it back. This one came exactly as I ordered it, because this is a place that handles meat and seafood with precision.

These were just two appetizers and two of many classic dishes served at Fandango. I was tempted by other selections such as the lamb shank, a cassoulet, the lobster tail and even curious to see their take on a hamburger and fries! Other less paleo-friendly selections include canneloni with veal, salmon fettucine, pasta puttanesca, spaghetti siracusa and tortellini maison.

COMING SOON! Fandango Restaurant is celebrating the mushroom for the whole month of September. Pierre and Marietta have created a dish called Mushroom Provencal and are including it with soup or salad to start and dessert to finish for only $14.95. Available September 1-30 (for lunch only).

There are several recipes on Fandango’s website so you can enjoy the restaurant’s favorites in the comfort of your own home, or if you are more interested in learning about the story behind Fandango (it’s a pretty fascinated and celebrity studded one!) you can order the book here. PS: It has a ton of recipes in it, too! I was lucky enough to have Pierre himself sign my copy. 🙂

You can find Fandango Restaurant on Facebook here and follow them on twitter here. I would like to graciously thank Pierre and his staff for a wonderful meal and service. I am looking forward to dining at Fandango again soon and sitting across from Andy at our table by the fireplace. 🙂

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