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The Day I Met My Coach…

Though I did a lot of things wrong in the early days of training for the bikini competition, I DID do something right.

On April 9th, I attended Spectrum Fitness Productions IFBB Pro League/NPC Northern California Golden State Championships to check out the show and to see if I REALLY wanted to compete. I mean, I thought I did, but I wanted to be sure.

In tandem with the show there was a posing seminar the night before, and I attended that, too. I really wanted to see the “behind the scenes”.

In attending the seminar and show, I was also going to try and meet others there/find a coach/find out more information. I had spoken with a few coaches in the weeks leading up to that, but was still coaching myself and sort of flailing…trying to figure out what my lifting/workouts/cardio would be. I was actually doing WAY TOO MUCH cardio and still running everyday, which is NOT how you train for a bodybuilding competition of any kind. I’ll get to that in a future post.

This post is about my coach, who I chose and met on April 9th. Jodie Yuncker @jodiejfit_ifbbpro, IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete and Coach for Fit Body Fusion. This is the routine she did during the Golden State show and shortly after she left the stage and was done with her portion of the show, I got to meet her. I just want you to see what I saw that day on the stage. The beauty and the grace. What really attracted me about her though, was her personality during the posing seminar. She was energetic, funny and cute!

After the Pro Bikini portion of the show, I had a chance to meet her. I told her about my crazy idea of participating in the Spectrum show on June 11th (to be held at the same venue) and that I would be turning 45 years old two days prior to it (June 9th) which would make me the youngest in the 45+ age division. I don’t know, but she probably thought I was a little “cray cray” and my idea was a little nutty. However, within 3 days of meeting, I was reporting to her as my coach and had a brand new workout plan as well as a nutrition plan to pair with it. I became an athlete with Team Fit Body Fusion!

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