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Consistency is Key

Well, it’s been nearly three months since the bikini show, and I am still hovering around my stage weight, except I am stronger now than on competition day, and I have a lot more energy.

It’s very hard to get into this sort of shape (this lean), but oddly, if you are just consistent with these two things, you can stay in shape:
1. Keep an honest food journal (I use My Fitness Pal) and a caloric deficit*.
2. Be active, stay active (for me that means lift 5 times a week and get a daily step count of 12,000).

*I try and meet specific macro goals, a higher protein, lower carb approach. One day a week, I splurge and don’t really track my calories, and a few nights a week I will drink (vodka or wine), but I carefully track six days out of seven. I no longer drink alcohol every night. I will have a Zero Sugar A&W instead. 😉

I try and do things socially where I am permitted to bring my own food. If you are on a weight loss/weight maintenance journey, it is much easier to be in a social situation when you don’t have to be pressured to “eat the birthday cake” or “partake in the office donuts”.

The third thing with which I have been supplementing my diet and exercise is Rockstar Skinny Gal Thermogenic Fat Burner. It was designed to assist with weight loss and boost energy. I have been taking Rockstar Skinny Gal for about three weeks, and it’s really helped me go the extra mile in my workouts and given me stamina throughout the day.

My biggest fear was putting on a ton of weight post-bikini competition, but with the help of consistent food journaling, a great workout routine, and Rockstar Skinny Gal in my tool box, I know I can maintain my “runway” look as long as I want! You can order some to try for yourself by clicking on this LINK!

Disclaimer: I was paid to try Rockstar Skinny Gal, results will vary from person to person. My opinions on the product are my own, and I really do LOVE it!

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