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FITzee Foods Serves Pre-Portioned Paleo-friendly Meals

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To be honest, I didn’t really think the meals Andy and I were sent from FITzee Foods were going to be that much to write home about. I have NEVER liked frozen food meals (Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers, etc) because quite frankly, they all taste God-awful. Also, I believe in taking the time to cook something free of additives and preservatives that are in most frozen meals. Blech. However, since FITzee Foods meals seemed to be atypical of the aforementioned brands, I agreed to have some shipped to me for a review (even though I was a little concerned about their flavor, texture, etc).

After some trepidation, I thawed out our meals from FITzee Foods, heated them up, and tried to plate them the best I could for a picture. I will admit I even made a salad and parsnip chips as a back-up meal in case the meals were inedible–by the way, the salad and parsnips ended up being great side dishes. Apologies to FITzee Foods for my slight doubt of their product. 😉 Blind tasted, I would not have known the meals were pre-packaged or frozen.

FITzee Foods‘ meals are prepared daily with fresh, organic, and all-natural ingredients. All meals and snacks are available in a variety of specifically portioned sizes to fuel each individual’s unique lifestyle. All you need to do is heat and eat. They have a full menu with breakfast, lunch, and dinner that caters to special dietary needs, including meals that are Paleo-friendly. They also list the calorie content of different-sized portions for each item. The meals can be picked up in their store in San Diego, or shipped nationwide.

The two meals we tried were the BBQ Pulled Pork with Garlic Red Potatoes and Creamy Spinach (557 calories) and the Thai Coconut Curry Chicken (447 calories). I couldn’t believe how fresh the meals tasted after being frozen for at least a month. The Thai Curry still had vibrant flavors of cilantro and red curry paste with a coconut milk broth, and the BBQ Pulled Pork was sweet, spicy and tender, and the spinach was a fresh bright green. The medium-sized meals we sampled were the perfect dinner portion for a female about my size (5’1″, 120-125 pounds). Since our taste test, the company has added a few more Paleo options I am looking forward to trying.

You can find FITzee Foods on Facebook here and follow them on twitter here. To see some customer ratings, you can check out their Yelp page here. You can order online from their web store here.

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