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Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune!

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It was ironic to return home from shopping at Grocery Outlet (Woodland location) on Monday and find this basket of goodies on my doorstep from my friends at Grocery Outlet corporate! They sent me a variety of products to promote “a fresh face-lift during the spring season”. All the products in the basket cost at least 50% less than they would at a conventional grocery store.

I am currently trying to drop a few pounds (big race in a few weeks), so I wasn’t at Grocery Outlet panning for gold (wine deals) this time like I normally am… 😉  I was there looking for collagen supplements. 😉 I also picked up some cauliflower and organic lettuce, as well as a bag of kale and onions. I was happy to see some products in the gift basket I could put to good use.

The products included in my basket were:

Numi Blooming Tea (Grocery Outlet Price $2.99, Regular Price $8.99)
Tru Roots Brown Rice (Grocery Outlet Price $2.99, Regular Price $4.99)
MET-RX Big 100 Bar (Grocery Outlet Price $19.99–12 ct. box, Regular Price $27.00)
Maui & Sons 100% Pure Coconut Water (Grocery Outlet Price $1.29, Regular Price $2.49)
Natrol Acai Berry Diet Capsules (Grocery Outlet Price $6.99, Regular Price $9.99)
Laci Le Beau Super Dieters Natural Tea (Grocery Outlet Price $2.49, Regular Price $4.29)
Best of Burt’s Bees Gift Set (Grocery Outlet Price $8.99, Regular Price $14.99)
Epielle Green Tea Facial Mask (Grocery Outlet Price $0.69, Regular Price $1.49)
Organic Now Shampoo and Conditioner (Grocery Outlet Price $2.69, Regular Price $3.99)
Body Shop Macadamia Nut Body Butter (Grocery Outlet Price $3.99, Regular Price $19.00)
Total Grocery Outlet Price for Basket Items: $53.10
Total Regular Price for Basket Items: $97.22

I am loving the teas and the Natrol Acai Berry Diet Capsules (the Grocery Outlet Gods must have been reading my mind) and what girl doesn’t love Burt’s Bees? I’ll surely be using my facial mask and the body butter to keep my heels from looking frightful. 😉

You can find most of these products at your local Grocery Outlet store (product selections and availability will vary by store).

You can find Grocery Outlet on Facebook here and follow them on twitter here.

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