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David Brown, The Biggest Loser Contestant, Speaks in Sacramento Area, Monday, March 10th


I don’t own a television. Instead, I subscribe to a service that allows me to watch my favorite TV programs (slightly after they have aired). Completely fascinated with food shows, of course Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef, Top Chef, etc, are all on my watch list. But, there’s another program I have watched every season since its debut, and that is The Biggest Loser.

The Biggest Loser. I am a fan of the show for so many reasons, (although I do have some minor complaints about it). I have seen so many people transform themselves over the years. Much like I did in my mid twenties when I started exercising and began a more healthy eating regimen.

Well this season (season 15) of The Biggest Loser really had my attention most, and I am not sure why. Maybe it was all the people who ended up being “cast” on the show. Maybe it was the theme this season “Second Chances”. Whatever it was, I was enthralled and couldn’t wait until the next episode. I felt for so many of the contestants. I know all about emotional eating… I used to yo-yo 30 pounds back and forth.

This season, I watched pretty openly, happy to see all of the contestants progress. I really didn’t pick anyone to win or have a “favorite”. I was touched by many of their stories and backgrounds. Everyone deserves a second chance. Period.

When I heard David Brown tell his “story” during this season’s The Biggest Loser, I was almost uncomfortably sad, as I am sure any of you that watch the show were as well. The tragedy of being a widower (and father of two daughters) as a young adult, led to his weight gain as an adult.

At 409 pounds, David Brown was given a second chance and a place on The Biggest Loser ranch. During the time on the ranch and the time before the show’s season finale, David lost an amazing 222 pounds (more than 54% of his body weight).

As anyone who watches The Biggest Loser can attest (especially if they are female ;)), David had the most dramatic makeover (probably in the show’s history)…I’d be lying if I said my jaw did not drop after “makeover week” (WOW) and that I didn’t shed tears for him AND his family’s reaction to is new self. (Brown remarried in 2004 and now has three daughters.) DAMN YOU, MAKEOVER WEEK, making me so emotional!! 😉

To be honest, I didn’t see David coming in on the final path to win, and I am not sure if he did either–but he did something amazing which for so many people is still the hardest thing to do… He took the first step on that path to wellness and weight loss, which David refers to as the “winning step”. Then week by week, he transformed himself. And then took second place in The Biggest Loser triathlon.

After a 222 pound weight loss, and 2.2 million steps logged, he comes to the Sacramento area to tell the story of his journey and as a witness of God. He’ll be at Oak Hills Church in Folsom, CA this Monday, March 10th from 6:30 to 8:00pm.

The venue’s address is 1100 Blue Ravine Rd, Folsom CA.  Tickets are $10 each or $15 per couple. Dinner is included if you pre-register. To pre-register, please contact Kory Lewis. The email is kory dot lewis at bayside online dot com. Hope to see you there!!


Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune!

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It was ironic to return home from shopping at Grocery Outlet (Woodland location) on Monday and find this basket of goodies on my doorstep from my friends at Grocery Outlet corporate! They sent me a variety of products to promote “a fresh face-lift during the spring season”. All the products in the basket cost at least 50% less than they would at a conventional grocery store.

I am currently trying to drop a few pounds (big race in a few weeks), so I wasn’t at Grocery Outlet panning for gold (wine deals) this time like I normally am… 😉  I was there looking for collagen supplements. 😉 I also picked up some cauliflower and organic lettuce, as well as a bag of kale and onions. I was happy to see some products in the gift basket I could put to good use.

The products included in my basket were:

Numi Blooming Tea (Grocery Outlet Price $2.99, Regular Price $8.99)
Tru Roots Brown Rice (Grocery Outlet Price $2.99, Regular Price $4.99)
MET-RX Big 100 Bar (Grocery Outlet Price $19.99–12 ct. box, Regular Price $27.00)
Maui & Sons 100% Pure Coconut Water (Grocery Outlet Price $1.29, Regular Price $2.49)
Natrol Acai Berry Diet Capsules (Grocery Outlet Price $6.99, Regular Price $9.99)
Laci Le Beau Super Dieters Natural Tea (Grocery Outlet Price $2.49, Regular Price $4.29)
Best of Burt’s Bees Gift Set (Grocery Outlet Price $8.99, Regular Price $14.99)
Epielle Green Tea Facial Mask (Grocery Outlet Price $0.69, Regular Price $1.49)
Organic Now Shampoo and Conditioner (Grocery Outlet Price $2.69, Regular Price $3.99)
Body Shop Macadamia Nut Body Butter (Grocery Outlet Price $3.99, Regular Price $19.00)
Total Grocery Outlet Price for Basket Items: $53.10
Total Regular Price for Basket Items: $97.22

I am loving the teas and the Natrol Acai Berry Diet Capsules (the Grocery Outlet Gods must have been reading my mind) and what girl doesn’t love Burt’s Bees? I’ll surely be using my facial mask and the body butter to keep my heels from looking frightful. 😉

You can find most of these products at your local Grocery Outlet store (product selections and availability will vary by store).

You can find Grocery Outlet on Facebook here and follow them on twitter here.

thinkThin® Bars Review, Guest Post by Andy Harris

CG: This Christmas, the elves at the thinkThin company delivered 2 cases of assorted product to headquarters. I’ll preface this post by saying that the line of thinkThin bars are not primal or paleo, but work great if you are an athlete that burns a lot of energy. That’s why I asked Andy if he would be interested in reviewing the bars from a very active person’s point-of-view. I have had the thinkThin products before and I think they are great as a meal replacement/treat. Also, all of the bars we tasted were gluten-free and non-GMO. So, without further delay is Andy’s take on the variety pack we were sent:

I recently sat down with samples of four distinctly different health bars being manufactured and distributed by a company aptly named thinkThin.  These bars are being marketed as low-calorie and gluten-free, with no refined sugar and a really nice balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat.

To preface my review, I will state all four of these bars were unique in their own way, flavorful and satisfying.  I did have my preferences, as I’m sure you will, and I would encourage you to try all their products and see which ones you like best.


The first one I tried was the Caramel Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts.  (From their Crunch line) The packaging caught my eye and, not surprisingly, it wound up tasting every bit as good as it looked.  I don’t normally eat peanuts, but the combination of peanuts, almonds and cashews in a chewy format was very good.  This bar would be particularly attractive to a person who is mixing in aerobic exercise with dieting, as the bar is 190 calories with 100 calories coming from fat.  However, this is a very balanced bar, with 12g of fat, 15g of carbohydrate and 10g of protein.


The next one I tried was the Dark Chocolate Coconut. (From their Divine line.)
I couldn’t wait to try this one because of my affinity for coconut, and it did not disappoint.  It was my favorite of the bunch, with immensely rich flavors of coconut and chocolate reminiscent of a Mounds bar.  Here again, this one gets more than half of its calories from fat.  It comes in at 170 calories, which I wouldn’t consider a full meal replacement, although it would make an outstanding post-workout energy bar or in-between meal snack.

thinkThin CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER wrapper

Third in line was the Creamy Peanut Butter bar. (From their Protein line.) Like I said before, I don’t normally eat peanuts or anything made out of peanuts, but if you like them, you might like this bar.  The only peculiarity with this bar was that the peanut flavor tasted strange, almost gamey.  You might try it and achieve different findings, and it would not hurt you to try this bar if you enjoy peanut products.  This bar has a very low fat content, 33%, if that’s what you’re looking for, and is quite filling at 240 calories.  If you’re trying to lose weight, this one could function as a full meal replacement, but please beware of the 300mg of sodium, about two to three times the sodium content of the other bars tested for this review.

thinkThin BROWNIE CRUNCH wrapper

Last but certainly not least was the Brownie Crunch(From their Protein line.)  I could envision this bar as being their most popular of the four sampled.  It simply tastes just like a chocolate brownie, including an excellent chewy texture, but without any refined sugar.  The big surprise was that this bar was the leanest of the bunch, with only 70 calories from fat from the entire 240 calorie total.

In summation, I am going to highly recommend this line of products.  They are all made with healthy, natural ingredients and should support an appetite control program with emphasis on exercise and good overall nutrition.

Think Thin bars carry a suggested retail price of $1.99 each, with a box of 10 coming in at $16.90.  If you find a bar you’re particularly enamored with, you can opt for a carton of 6 boxes of 10 bars for $95.40.  With a shelf life of approximately one year, you’re sure to use them during that span.

Think Thin products are widely available at Safeway, Raley’s, Save Mart and FoodsCo., Target, and Trader Joe’s.

You can find thinkThin on Twitter here and on Facebook here.