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Nevada City Uncorked: Walk this Way for a Unique Food and Wine Tasting

Last Saturday, Andy and I went up to Nevada City for a food and wine event called Nevada City Uncorked. It was held in historic downtown Nevada City and featured a robust sampling of local Foothill wines and food studded along 40 local businesses all within walking distance.

wine glass
We didn’t hit all the stops, but made it to quite a few. Our first stop was The Broad Street Inn where Solune Winery was stationed. The were pouring a 2013 Sauvignon Blanc Musqué, a 2013 Barbera Rosé (award winning, we were told) and a 2010 Barbera.


solune menu

Then we walked over to the unique and quite beautiful Two Room Inn where Chacewater Winery was pouring the 2013 Syrah Rosé, their 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, and their 2012 Zinfandel. Diego’s Restaurant was serving tri-tip mini sliders with chimichurri sauce, but it was early in the game and I didn’t want to use my food tickets up just yet (you get 5 tickets included with your admission to trade in at one ticket per food item) Additional tickets can be purchased if you want more food along the way.

chacewater winery

Our next stop was Mana Beads which featured Bent Metal Winery and Sopa Thai Restaurant. I finally gave into my hunger and got a yummy spring roll, while Andy went for a vegetable curry served over rice.

bent metal wines

sopa thai
Next on our tour was Sierra Knolls Winery and Jardin del Rio placed in the New York Hotel (also home of The Truffle Shop). I thought Sierra Knolls had made a big improvement in their wines since I tried them last about 5 years ago, and I am happy to have found them at this event. Their 2011 Barbera was very good.

sierra knolls menu

sierra knolls wines
Next up was an actual tasting room, the home of Szabo Vineyards. They were tasting a 2010 Primitivo, a 2010 Zinfandel, and a 2010 Voila (blend). On hand to supply the food were the most gorgeous deli trays from SPD Market. So happy we stopped here, and I happily traded in another food ticket for some lovely fruit and antipasto––grapes, cheeses, olives, ham and turkey!! 🙂

SPD Market
After stopping for quite a while at Szabo, we made our way to Utopian Stone, a jewelry store who hosted Bear River Winery and Harmony Ridge Market. We didn’t stay long, as I wasn’t willing to trade in one of my tickets for a lemon bar. 😉

bear river

Andy had volunteered for Nevada City Uncorked back in 2011, and recalled that we was stationed at the very corner Utopian Stone sits on. There’s a big plush purple chair where we sat for a minute to watch people go by. Then we got up and headed over to Bel Capeli Salon and Spa.

Inside Bel Capeli, Coufos Cellars wines were being poured. I liked every single one. I tried a Viognier, a Rosé, and their 2009 Buffo Blanc. The food in the salon was provided by Summer Thyme’s. Andy really liked their take on a tomato and mozzarella salad––it was served on a skewer.

summer thymes
The picture below was taken from the balcony of the National Hotel. Pilot Peak was there with their 2009 Cabernet Franc and their 2010 Barbera. Their hotel restaurant Hoovers was serving Prime Rib sliders.

street view
Then tucked away in the back of Nevada City Classic Cafe, and I mean wayyy in the back (had to send a search party to find her) was Jill of Lone Buffalo Vineyards.

jill lone buffalo

The rest of the crew from Lone Buffalo was hustling the vineyard (it was harvest day!) so it was Jill all by herself sharing Lone Buffalo’s current Viognier and their 2011 Tatonka Tempranillo. Also available was their 2011 Where the Buffalo Roam. It was fun to see Jill and Lone Buffalo, longtime friends of and 🙂

Speaking of friends of this website, our next stop was Crazy Horse Saloon and Grill where Fawnridge Winery was assigned and owners Stewart and Stephanie Perry were pouring their 2012 Chardonnay (yes, please!) and their 2010 Barbera (double yes, please!)

stuart stephanie

A triple yes, please for the delightful goody for which I gladly traded in two of my food tickets. Heck no, it wasn’t Paleo, but didn’t care. 🙂 It was a Reuben egg roll (the program says spring roll, but it was deep fried like an egg roll and had an egg roll wrapper. (Shown below) It was filled with house cured corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and placed on a bed of spicy mustard. Yum! 🙂

crazy horse reuben egg roll
We made it to at a few other last places before time was up: Clavey Wines had their own tasting room as a stop, and we made our last stop at the only brewery on the tour: Matteo’s Public. I had the Chocolypto: a chocolate oatmeal stout which served as a fine finale.

Luckily we had an uphill trek back to the car to work off some of those tastings! What a great day in downtown Nevada City full of great people and terrific wine and food (and beer!) Thanks to the organizers of the event for having us out for the experience. 🙂

You can find Nevada City Uncorked on Facebook here.

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