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The Third Annual Sacramento Food Film Festival is March 20-30
Happy Saturday! I’m just passing along this press release to all of you… looks great and the California Food Literacy Center is this year’s beneficiary!

SACRAMENTO – As food and wine pairings continue to rise in popularity, the farm-to-fork capital is offering a different kind of pairing: food and film. The 3rd Annual Sacramento Food Film Festival will take place March 20-30 and will include food, wine and beer pairings with seven films about food. Festival proceeds will benefit California Food Literacy Center, a Sacramento nonprofit providing food literacy education to local low-income children.

“This is a chance for guests to soak up the amazing food and drinks that Sacramento has to offer while also feeding their minds,” said Catherine Enfield, festival founder and food writer.

Movies and Venues:
Ten 22, March 20
The festival’s red carpet premier at Ten22 on March 20 features appetizers, drinks and screening of the award-winning movie, “Spinning Plates.” Cost is $40.

Sterling Hotel, March 22
On March 22, the festival continues at the Sterling Hotel, featuring a sneak preview of the highly anticipated, new Ruhstaller Nugget hop beer, bites from Adam Pechal and screening of “Beer Wars.” Cost is $30.

Lucca, March 25
“Bottle Shock” will be screened at Lucca on March 25 and will include a four-course dinner based on the film. Cost is $40, and $50 if including a wine pairing.

The Guild Theater, March 26
On March 26 the “Cafeteria Man” will be shown at The Guild Theater and will include appetizers, an appearance from the film’s star, Tony Geraci and a panel discussion with local leaders in food literacy education.

Clunie Center at McKinley Park, March 28
Selland’s will offer a family spaghetti dinner on March 28 and screening of “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” at McKinley Park’s Clunie Center. Cost is $15 for children, $25 for adults.

The Guild Theater, March 29
The Guild Theater will screen “The Slow Food Story” for free on March 29.

Sunh Fish, March 30
The festival wraps up on March 30 with a sushi and uni tasting by Billy Ngo from Kru, and Q & A with the film’s producer, Alexander Finden, at Sunh Fish and screening of “Sweet, Sexy Ocean.” Cost is $35.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

“We are proud to be the beneficiary of such a creative event that not only gives people the opportunity to enjoy the amazing food of the Sacramento region, but also helps spread food literacy through the creative medium of film,” said Amber Stott, founding executive director, California Food Literacy. “We look forward to good food and good conversations.”

California Food Literacy Center was established in July 2011 to educate and inspire low-income children to eat healthy food. Students learn fruit and vegetable appreciation, how to read nutrition labels, basic cooking skills and environmental impacts of their food choices. The nonprofit also runs the Food Literacy Academy, which trains community members as food literacy teachers. To date, the nonprofit has 60 active volunteers and serves 2,400 kids annually. After just three months of food literacy education, 70 percent of students request the foods they have tasted in class, including broccoli, celery and oranges. Ninety-two percent of K-1st grade students say healthy food tastes good, and 88 percent of children understand how to read a nutrition label. To make a donation:

Sacramento Food Film Festival Returns March 15th & 16th, 2013

Hey everyone! It’s Wednesday aka “hump day” aka “phone-it-in” day, so that means I am going to simply pass along a press release in the hopes you might read it! Though I won’t be in town to attend, I’d like to share the news about the upcoming Sacramento Food Film Festival, the brainchild of fellow blogger, Catherine Enfield (aka Ms. Munchie). See ya Thursday with another product review!


Media Release, January 23rd SACRAMENTO–It’s fitting that Sacramento, California was named the “Farm to Fork Capitol” when it is located in the most fertile region of the country. It only makes sense, then, that a city of food lovers also has an appreciation for food films. The Sacramento Food Film Festival brings the love of food and films together and mixes them with a bit of discussion and a pinch of activities.


Slow Food Sacramento
presents the Sacramento Food Film Festival 2013. Slow Food Sacramento is an active non-profit that hosts a wide range of educational and convivial events throughout the year to introduce people to the producers and creators of some of the region’s outstanding foods, farms, and restaurants.

The second year of the Sacramento Food Film Festival expands to two days, March 15 and 16, 2013. The slate of films runs from bees and sushi making to the history of New York butchers and the plight of the farm worker. Sprinkled throughout the two days are activities to keep the festival interactive, informative, and educational.

These themes fall in line with the two organizations supported from the proceeds: Slow Food Sacramento and the California Food Literacy Center. “California Food Literacy Center is thrilled to be part of this event,” said Amber Stott, Executive Director. “Film is an important way to increase food literacy in our community. We look forward to a full day of fun and learning!”

Friday, March 15th, will be a special event ticket for an evening of food and film. For $40 the ticket includes the screening of locally filmed Quest for Local Honey followed by a honey tasting and discussion with the filmmakers. Everyone then moves to the next door Forty Acres Gallery for a sushi tasting and discussion on seafood sustainability with Taro from Mikuni and Billy Ngo from Kru. The evening will end with the screening of Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

The schedule for Saturday, March 16th includes:

  • Scavenger hunt for all ages
  • What’s On Your Plate?
  • A Community of Gardeners
  • Discussion of film with Master Gardener, Bill Maynard
  • Meat Hooked! Sponsored by Selland Family Restaurants
  • Symphony of the Soil
  • American Harvest
  • Discussion regarding farm workers and the part they play in agriculture

On Saturday, the concession stand will be run by Whole Foods Market, providing healthy movie snacks.

Saturday tickets are $25. Individual film tickets are $7. Weekend festival tickets, good for both days, are $55. Tickets can be purchased via the website:

For more information, contact Catherine Enfield at 916-595-7822.