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A Beautiful Evening for Africa for Hope Fund’s Inaugural Safari on the River

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Safari on the River was held last Sunday, September 23rd, 2012 from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Juluka Landing on Garden Highway. It was the inaugural fundraising event for Africa Hope Fund, a charity founded by Carol Van Bruggen and Steve Kuhn.

Africa Hope Fund is a non-profit dedicated to supporting conservation through education in southern Africa. Africa Hope Fund’s mission is to support children and education, and protect endangered animals in southern Africa. 100 percent of the funds accepted on behalf of projects goes entirely to funding the projects.

The evening began with a silent auction and wine tasting featuring Carvalho Family Winery, Moniz Family Wines, Cooper Vineyards, Driven Cellars, PRP Wine International. Prior to dinner, the Fenix Drum and Dance Group entertained safari and animal print-dressed guests with a lively African dance and music session.

We were all seated after the performance as Kitty O’ Neal took the stage as emcee. Dinner was served and the hosts both gave a heartfelt and emotional testimonial about their charity. The dinner, catered by Mulvaney’s B & L, was an authentic Zambian meal composed of an eggplant appetizer, a colorful vegetable salad with tomatoes, cucumber, and cilantro, a plantain side dish, and a chicken and rice dish as the main course. The main starch of the meal is also a staple Zambian dish called Nshima. It is s thick cornmeal mash, traditionally eaten without utensils.

As we ate dinner (with utensils), the silent auction was led by David Sobon of David Sobon Auctions. The event concluded with dessert and coffee.

The guests were treated to a free valet service by Neumann LImousine.

About Africa Hope Fund:
Carol Van Bruggen first traveled to Africa in 2001 and has returned to Zambia twice a year for over 12 years. She founded Africa Hope Fund when she realized that the only way to preserve the wonder of the African bush and its animals was to educate the young people about the value of their natural resources. This introduced her to the great need for better education facilities in Zambia. She has committed her life to helping young people of Africa receive an education in order to create a better standard of living for themselves and their families. This is done is combination with learning about importance of conservation in their community.

Steve has traveled to Africa for many years and is a long time supporter of conservation efforts around the world. He manages and owns a marina on the Sacramento River and is the President of Coastal Servicing a real estate holding company. Steve is the foundations official videographer and has been ahf’s primary financier from inception.

You can sponsor a student to attend Secondary School in Zambia. 8th to grade 12. Or to a 2 year college. Africa Hope Fund can send you information on each student and a photo with updates or fund any of our many needs below.

$5000 – Build a Library at Uyoba School 
$3200 – Internet Service at Student Center year
$1200 – Pay a Teacher’s Salary at Uyoba School  for a year 
$800 – Clean water at the School year        
$150 – Sponsor a Student in Secondary School for a Year
$65 – Desk (double) for Uyoba School To end two kids sitting on the floor for their lessons everyday donate $65 to buy a double desk.

You can find Africa Hope Fund on Facebook here.

For more great photos of the event, you can visit Tia Gemmell’s website here.

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